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The Continental Deutsch Kurzhar Association (CDKA) provides versatile hunting Deutsch Kurzhaars for the foot-hunter, developed through testing and breeding programs as set forth by the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband (DKV) and Jagdgebrauchshundverband e.V. (JGHV)

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CDKA Goals

1. Educate all interested persons in the techniques of training, breeding and caring for hunting dogs, to conduct
tests of continental hunting dogs, and to promote responsible breeding of hunting dog breeds; Foster, improve, promote, and protect hunting dog breeds in the North American continent; and Promote the interest of wildlife by fostering ethical hunting and the conservation of game through educational programs, the use of properly trained hunting dogs, and other means.
2. Familiarize hunters and the public with the history, use and characteristics of the DK, and support the efforts of other versatile hunting dog breeding and testing organizations that are members of the JGHV.
3. Promote and improve the Deutsch-Kurzhaar (DK) canine breed in accordance with the principles originated by the DKV,
4. Provide cooperative, trainable DKs for the foot hunter that will be utilized with emphasis in the preservation of wounded game. Such DK will be developed through recommended breeding programs as set forth by the DKV. E. Sponsor training seminars and tests following the regulations of the DKV and Jagdgebrauchshund Verband (JGHV) which are designed to evaluate all hunting qualities of the DK and other versatile hunting dogs with a FCI- recognized and VDH- registered pedigree.
5. Sponsor Zuchtshaus (conformation shows) to evaluate the conformation of the DK against the DKV standards..

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